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High Chair/Stroller

High Chair/Stroller combination. Circa 1876–83. Wood, walnut; cane; metal wheels and hardware [Renaissance Revival style] Acc. No. H-79.

High ChairDescription: "X" frame legs pivot in the center and have large back and small front wheels attached to outside of the legs. Legs are braced with two turned stretchers on front and two on back. Shield-shaped seat and back, both with cane centers. Arm posts and rests have pivoting swing down semicircular tray where baby toys and food can be placed. Back has elaborate crest rail with ears, burled panels, and incised decorations. Wheels are all steel. Inscription on back of back frame: "Design Pat / Feb 28 / 1876."

Discussion: This artifact was designed to serve a dual purpose, something the Victorians loved to do. John Fleming of Archer, Florida, ran a general store in the 1880s. When his son Samuel was born in March of 1883, the new father simply took this high chair out of his stock to use. It descended in the family until 1970, when it was donated to the Florida State Museum; it was transferred to the Museum of Florida History in 1980. Currently on exhibit in the Collections Gallery of the Main Gallery.


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