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Donate an Artifact

Donate an artifact

Interested in Donating an Artifact?

The object you are offering for donation needs to have been made, purchased, used in Florida, or otherwise helps interpret Florida history. It must be useful for exhibition or study, and its acquisition and care cannot place undue burdens on conservation, storage, or staff resources. An artifact must also be donated free and clear of restrictions. When a donation is offered, the collections and research staff evaluates the item relative to current holdings and the Museum's long-range exhibit and collections plans.

With over 46,800 artifacts in the collection, and limited storage space, not all items being offered can be accepted. Should an offered donation be more appropriate for another museum, curators will try to suggest other historical organizations to contact.

As part of this process, the curators gather as much information as possible about the artifact's history and its potential contribution to related holdings. If accepted, the item is accessioned, catalogued, and documented according to the Museum's collections policy, which conforms to professional standards of the American Alliance of Museums.

When an artifact is offered to the Museum,

  • If accepted for review, the object is received on temporary status.
    • Curatorial staff countersign an Examination Receipt with the potential donor
  • Curatorial staff researches the object, it’s history, and condition
  • Curatorial staff presents the object and its history to the Collections Committee
  • The Collections Committee votes to accept or decline the object.
    • If declined, the object will be returned to the owner.
  • If an object is accepted into the permanent collection, a formal Deed of Gift will be signed by the donor and the Museum.
  • The object will then be accessioned, cataloged, photographed, marked, and stored.

If you wish to offer your Florida-related object for donation, please email us at [email protected]