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Internship Program

Practical Museum Experience

Interns and VolunteersEach term, the Museum of Florida History (MFH) offers up to four unpaid internships that provide practical museum experience to graduate, undergraduate, and community college students. The internships are designed for students who already have decided their career path and are building their resume for future professional positions. Appropriate major subjects include education, history, art, public administration, anthropology, museum studies, and others related to the support of museum activities. Other college students are able to gain museum experience through the volunteer program.

Interns keep pre-arranged office hours at the Museum and assume professional-level responsibilities. They help with day-to-day operations and are expected to complete a project or some portion of a major project being undertaken by MFH or Knott House (KHM). Interns are supervised by experienced and responsible professional staff in cooperation with a university supervisor. Applicants must be enrolled in school to be considered for internships. Some positions require completion of coursework in certain areas prior to being considered. Interns must recognize and fulfill the expectations embodied in the internship, taking responsibility for their actions and representing both the Museum and their academic institution in a professional manner. MFH interns and volunteers undergo a security check by the Florida Department of State's Human Resources bureau prior to beginning work.

Museum of Florida History Internship Application (PDF)

Prospective interns submit an application and resume for internships by:

  • Fall term: July 15
  • Spring term: November 1
  • Summer term: April 1


The time commitment for internships is described in the chart below. These requirements are based on a typical university or community college schedule, but they are negotiable.

Graduate interns work 320 hours for 6 credit hours or 160 hours for 3 credit hours. Undergraduates work 240 hours for 6 credit hours or 120 hours for 3 credit hours.


Approximate hours each week
Fall/Spring 14 weeks
Summer 8 weeks
Graduate, 6 credit hours
Graduate, 3 credit hours
Undergraduate, 6 credit hours
Undergraduate, 3 credit hours


Please send your application and resume to: 

Museum of Florida History
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250
850-922-2459; [email protected] (by email is preferred)