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Curtis Arnett

Curtis Arnett

St. Johns River
Acrylic on canvas, 2009−10
H: 31” W: 43”
Acquired from the artist in 2010

Curtis Arnett was born in Greenville, Florida, in 1950 and moved to Fort Pierce when he was five years old. Arnett began painting as a child. Growing up, his family lived in the house behind Roy McLendon’s home, and McLendon had a large influence on Arnett. Soon after he got his driver’s license, Arnett began traveling and selling his paintings. He met other artists at this time, including Hezekiah Baker, who also inspired him. In the beginning of his career, Arnett painted in the “fast” Highwaymen style. He never stopped painting and began reading and learning more about the art form. He later developed his own style, which was more deliberate and detailed. Today, he specializes in the landscapes of central Florida and creates eight to ten paintings a month.