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French In Florida

This exhibit explores the first European depictions of Native Americans in Florida. Published in 1591 by engraver Theodore de Bry in Grand Voyages, the images and text were based on Jacques LeMoyne's work. LeMoyne was the official artist for the French colonization expedition led by René de Laudonnière in 1564–65. The images were among the earliest and most comprehensive illustrations of Native Americans to circulate widely in Europe.

The exhibit places de Bry's images in the context of the religious wars between the Catholics and the Protestants in Europe for dominion in the New World, particularly Florida. The exhibit also emphasizes how these early depictions are used in modern history textbooks and still shape our perception of American Indians in Florida.

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Exhibit Specifications

General Description
There are 47 panels (title panel, two introduction panels, a timeline panel, 42 text panels, and a credits panel), frame touchup pens, and an instruction manual included in the exhibit.


Space Required
166 linear feet of wall space


Shipping Crates
(2 crates total) @ 31"w x 48"h x 49"l;


Shipping Weight
760 lbs. Total


Security Requirements
Limited Security


Exhibit Rental Fee
$750 (up to three months)


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