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Alligators: Dragons in Paradise

This exhibit is a potpourri of fact and fantasy that explores our enduring fascination with the alligator and the alligator's symbolic and sociological role in Florida history.

Long an unofficial symbol of the state, the alligator originally symbolized Florida’s extensive untamed wilderness and swamps.  Floridians have used the alligator for food, for products made from its hide, for sport, and for profit.  Only when it was faced with the threat of extinction did people begin to value the alligator for the major role it plays in Florida’s environment. The American alligator is now Florida’s official state reptile.

The exhibit includes artifacts such as alligator bags, shoes, and purses; cast reproductions of alligator and crocodile skulls; and a variety of other alligator souvenirs and memorabilia. A tabletop interactive quiz, a tanned alligator hide, and a four-and-one-half-foot mounted alligator provide hands-on experiences for visitors. A simulated nest, complete with eggs, and an alligator growth chart trace the development of an alligator from birth to maturity.

Discover a unique part of Florida history in Alligators: Dragons in Paradise.

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Exhibit Specifications

General Description

Five freestanding displays, 22 text and photo panels, a freestanding, two-sided photo mural, one title banner, three wall cases, a photo-op panel, a tabletop interactive quiz, educational materials, a DVD, and an instruction manual are included in the exhibit.

Space Required: 1200 sq. ft.

Shipping Crates: 6 crates, 3129 lbs. total

Security Requirements: High

Exhibit Rental Fee: $3,000/3 months

Insurance Value: $15,000

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