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Florida Girls & Boys & Their Toys


Toys are for girls and boys—right? Actually, we're never too old to appreciate them! In fact, as we get older, it's hard to erase the excitement we felt from owning a favorite toy.

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Exhibit Specifications

General Description
30 framed photographs, 16"h x 20"w; 1 framed information panel; 1 framed title panel; table-top puppet theatre; reproduction trunk with toys; Classic TV Toy Commercials of the 50's & 60's video.

Space Required
70 linear feet of wall space, double-hung;

Shipping Crates
(3 crates total)

Shipping Weight
300 lbs.

Security Requirements

Exhibit Rental Fee

Suggested Layout
Required Linear footage for entire installation - 70 ft., double-hung, plus 30 sq. ft. of floor space. 

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