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Freedom Soapbox

Step up and give history a voice!

“The soapbox speech originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves to an audience by standing on a wooden crate, or soapbox, to make an impromptu speech about a political topic or community issue. This speech gives the opportunity to persuade the audience to understand, care, act, vote, or speak out on an issue that affects the community.”
From: Project Soapbox,

We invite the public, young and old alike, to read a short testimonial chosen from diverse writers describing attempted escapes, depicting daily life as a slave, and making social commentary on the conditions of slavery before and after emancipation. This interactive program creates awareness about Slave Narratives as well as gives the public a chance to “give history a voice."

Click here to download the excerpts to read aloud. Find your favorite; stand at your own home; proclaim the words describing their experience.


20th of May Quilt

As part of the Knott House Museum presence in the 20th of May celebration, the community is invited to participate in the making of a quilt that represents the celebration of freedom for all Americans.  

Quilt making is a functional art practice that has a long history in most cultures around the world. In America, quilt traditions of colors, patterns and style have been blended from the many cultures that have influenced American history. Quilts are often very personal items for the use by the family or community.

Click here to download a template showing the sizes of pieces to make squares for your own 20th of May quilt. The center of the square has the logo for the 20th of May: Emancipation in Florida commemoration. If you prefer, you can use the back of the square, which is blank. Trace around the triangles to cut them out of colored construction paper or magazine pages. If you'd rather, use markers to color the white triangles. It is up to you. Glue the triangles to the 5 by 5 inch square. The ends of the triangles will overlap. Then, join multiple squares together into your own 20th of May quilt.