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Centennial Faces

  • General Description
    49 framed photographs and 1 framed information panel, 12"h x 15"w each; 1 framed title panel, 24"h x 15"w; 1 table-top base for exhibit catalog, 8"h x 25"w x 12"d; catalog of exhibit photographs.
  • Space Required
    60 linear feet of wall space, double-hung.
  • Shipping Crates
    (1 crate total)
  • Shipping Weight
    178 lbs.
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
  • Suggested Layout

Centennial Faces LogoCentennial Faces, a selection of photographs by Tallahassean Alvan S. Harper, gives us a fresh perspective on the lives of African-American citizens in Tallahassee one hundred years ago. The subjects of Harper's studio portraits suggest the presence of an affluent

Centennial Faces Imagemiddle class within the African-American society of that time. Elaborately beaded dresses, flowered hats, and finely tailored waistcoats reflect the subjects' prosperity. Their faces express dignity and self-reliance. These Tallahasseeans appear far-removed from the hardship and poverty experienced by the majority of African-Americans after the Civil War.

Centennial Faces ImageThe forty-nine photographs presented in this exhibit are only a fraction of the two thousand glass-plate negatives in the Alvan S. Harper Collection at the Florida Photographic Collection, Florida State Archives.