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TREX Program
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Florida Before Statehood

  • General Description

    This exhibit includes 11 panels consisting of a title panel, combined graphic and text panels, plus one large trade show style timeline display. Each of the eleven panels meaures 24" x 36" and are contained in ready-to-hang metal frames. The freestanding tradeshow style timeline display measures 11 x 7.25' (including wrap-around end caps). Lights are included with the timeline only.

  • Space Required
    45 linear feet
  • Shipping Crates
    (2 crates total)
    Crate 1 @ 47"h x 31"w x 28"l
    Crate 2 @ 39"h x 16"w x 28"l
  • Shipping Weight
    355 lbs. total
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
    $300 for 3 month rental (min.)
  • Suggested Layout


documentsFlorida's rich history and cultural diversity is captured with the Viva Florida traveling exhibit, Florida Before Statehood. From First Floridians and early colonies to European explorations and journeys seeking freedom, Florida's story is disctinctive. This exhibit explores the development of Florida into the great state we know today, marking 500 years of Florida's history since the landing of Juan Ponce de León and the naming of our state La Florida.

This exhibit is ideal for smaller display spaces and would be ideal for school, library or other compact venues.