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TREX Program
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TREX Coordinator:

Seminole People of Florida: Survival and Success

  • General Description
    • Thirty-two text panels, including title panel, 24"w x 48"h each;
    • Two panels of 33"w x 41"h;
    • Twenty-two graphic panels of various sizes, ranging from 18"w x 36"h to
      50"w x 18"h;
    • Four vinyl banners;
    • One fabric banner;
    • Three free-standing floor cases containing props and artifacts
  • Space Required
    270 to 300 linear feet, depending on layout, and 380 square feet of floor space
  • Shipping Crates
    (7 crates total)
    3 @ 59" h x 26" w x 30" l each
    2 @ 45" h x 55" w x 39" l each
    1 @ 47" h x 24" w x 45" l
    1 @ 52" h x 56" w x 44" l
  • Shipping Weight
    3,185 lbs. total
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
  • Suggested LayoutMinimum suggested requirement is 270 linear feet and 300 square feet. Banners may be hung from ceiling or wall to fit space.

From isolation in the mid-1800s to the establishment of a sovereign tribe that oversees a major international corporation, the Seminole people have experienced a remarkable journey.Postcard,ca. 1910-1920Postcard,ca. 1910-1920 They continue to be an important part of Florida’s diverse cultural landscape.

This exhibit focuses on the rich culture that the Seminoles created and sustained during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Illustration of a typical chickee, 1881Illustration of a typical chickee, 1881