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TREX Program
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Just Above the Water: Florida Folk Art

  • General Description
    Thirty-five (35) framed panels, 40"h x 22"w each panel, one framed title panel 26"h x 20"w, and one introduction panel 50"h x 26"w.
  • Space Required
    130 to 160 linear feet of wall space depending on layout.
  • Shipping Crates
    Two crates @ 22"w x 38"h x 87"
  • Shipping Weight
    400 lbs.
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
    $1,000 (Up to three monthes)
  • Suggested Layout

Collection of traditional Hawaiian instruments.This traveling exhibit features information panels on the fascinating works and lives of thirty-five Florida folk artists. Their diverse creations, which use media such as textiles, metal, wood, and leather, embody the richness and variety of folk art. These folk artists, in many cases self-taught, show us another perspective of lifeā€”one that is inspired by their everyday customs, their working environments and their community traditions.