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Holiday Traditions in Florida

  • General Description
    Sixty-five framed panels ranging from: 12 1/4”w x 18 1/4”h to 48”w x 32 1/2”h each, and six vinyl banners, 74”h x 48”w are also included.
  • Space Required
    Approximately 150 linear feet for panels, depending on layout, plus 35 additional linear feet for banners.
  • Shipping Crates
    One @ 33”w x 33”h x 40”l
    One @ 28”w x 41”h x 47”l
    One @ 20”w x 44”h x 55”l
  • Shipping Weight
    939 lbs. total
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
    $1000.00 (for up to 3 months)
  • Suggested Layout

Happy girl On holidays we commemorate signicant historical events, celebrate new years or new seasons, or honor our heritage.

The variety of holiday traditions in Florida reflects the state’s cultural and ethnic diversity. Although Floridians may celebrate different holidays or have different customs, holidays help to unite family, friends, and neighbors and to strengthen our common bonds.

Armistice Float

Using photographs from the past and present, Holiday Traditions in Florida examines how Floridians have celebrated these special days.

St. Augustine