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Maple Leaf

  • General Description
    Title panel and 2 supporting graphic panels, 7'h x 15' 6"w x 4' 6"d; one text panel and two artifact cases, 7'hx15'6"w x4'6"d; torpedo reproduction, 3'h x 4'6"w x 1' 6" d; three framed pictures, each 33"h x 43"w; one introduction panel, 33"h x 43"w, a CD and VHS, and an instruction manual.
  • Space Required
    700 square feet of floor space; 14 linear feet of wall space.
  • Shipping Crates
    (6 crates total)
  • Shipping Weight
    1,651 lbs.
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
  • Suggested Layout

The Maple LeafDuring the latter part of the Civil War in Florida, the Union transport ship Maple Leaf was sunk in the St. John's River near Jacksonville by a Confederate torpedo. Originally used in Canada as a pleasure excursion vessel, the Maple Leaf was purchased and put into service by the Union army during the war.

After it sank, the ship lay in the St. John's River until 1984, when it was rediscovered and partially excavated by Keith Holland and the St. John's Archaeological Expedition, Inc.

Maple Leaf ImageThe ship's contents, encased by the river's muddy bottom, provide a time capsule of this period in history, offering a glimpse into previously undocumented aspects of the war and its effects on northeastern Florida.

Maple Leaf Image

This exhibit features items used by the soldiers on board the Maple Leaf, an authentic reproduction of the Civil War-era torpedo that was used to sink the ship, and an informational video.

Illustrations created by John LoCastro & Synergy Design Group