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Crate Expectations: An Exhibit of Florida Citrus Crate Labels

  • General Description
    3 easily assembled triangle towers with tension fabric display structures.
  • Space Required
    250 square feet
    Each exhibit tower is:
    5’ W x 12’ H x 5’ D
  • Shipping Crates
    2 cases total
  • Shipping Weight
    185 lbs.
  • Security Requirements
  • Exhibit Rental Fee
    $500.00 (for up to 3 months)
  • Suggested LayoutIllustration not to scale

Crate Expectations Logo Between the late 1800s and the 1960s, colorful paper labels decorated the ends of wooden crates that transported Florida citrus produce to northern markets. These labels not only identified the growers and advertised their product, but also promoted through positive images the “good life” in the Sunshine State. The labels in the exhibit are organized around themes such as history, Indian people, women, children, sports, and music.

Crate Expectations offers a nostalgic look at some of Florida’s most interesting citrus labels.

Miss Florida.