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Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher's Florida Photographs

Credit: Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher's Florida Photographs produced by the South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium, Inc. Made possible with assistance from Clyde Butcher Galleries. Exhibit toured by the South Florida Museum Traveling Exhibits Service

February 10–May 1, 2017
Museum of Florida History

This spring, the Museum of Florida History is proud to host the special traveling exhibit Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher’s Florida Photographs. An internationally-renowned landscape photographer, Clyde Butcher has used his art to record the majestic beauty of Florida’s natural environment for more than fifty years.

Butcher uses large-format cameras, black and white film, and long exposures to capture the textures and intricate details of Florida’s lush landscapes. Developed in Butcher’s own custom-made darkroom, the exhibit features large images of up to 5x9 feet that beckon the viewer to walk into the scene.

Clyde Butcher’s art makes Florida’s wetlands, dunes, coastal hammocks, and inland swamps accessible to many who will never experience these places in person. His interpretation of the environment emphasizes its sacred essence and our spiritual connection to the natural world. His images remind us of the importance of protecting and preserving Florida’s treasures.


The Museum will offer several programs related to the exhibit.

April 6, 5:30–7:30 p.m.
Clyde Butcher travels to the Museum to tell of his adventures in photographing Florida's landscapes, trekking across the state and hiking into swamps with his large-format camera. Following his presentation, the artist will be available to sign books.