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Florida Heritage Education Program

Educational Materials, Workshops, & Teacher In-Service

Florida Heritage Education Program A statewide initiative sponsored by the Museum of Florida History, the Florida Heritage Education Program (FHEP) provides educational materials, workshops, and teacher in-service to enhance awareness and appreciation of Florida's historical and cultural legacies. Heritage education stresses the use of primary sources-including documents, buildings, objects, traditional culture, narratives, artwork, music, dance, and landscapes-as well as local resources such as museums, historic sites, and archives to teach children and adults about the past and its relationship to the present.

The Florida Heritage Education Program lesson plans consist of twenty-eight classroom-tested activity guides that introduce Florida history, culture, preservation, archaeology, and folklife through a variety of creative strategies. Correlated with the Sunshine State Standards, the lessons are geared primarily for grades 4 to 8, although most can be tailored to other age groups. In addition to the activity procedure, each plan typically includes background reading, a list of related books or places to visit, replicable student worksheets or handouts, a timeline that sets the topic into historical context, and activity extensions. Contact the FHEP Coordinator for information.