Friends of the Museums of Florida History, Inc
Fundraising Committee

Tallahassee, Florida Meeting Agenda

November 1, 2011
9:00 A.M. TO Conclusion

Museum of Florida History
Gallery for Innovation & the Arts (1st Floor)
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

Schedule and Agenda

* indicates that a motion is required.

# Item Presenter Tab
I. Call to Order Herrle  
II. Introduction of Board, Staff & Guests Herrle  
III. Adoption of Agenda Herrle 1
IV. Business Items
  A. Old Business    
  1. Update on Fundraising Plans/Goals Ziffer 2
  a. Orlando event Boudet  
  b. Tallahassee event Phipps/Ziffer  
  c. Governor's Mansion event Herrle  
  d. Tampa event Moyle  
  e. Miami event Abberger/Birtman  
  f. Palm Beach Moyle/Phipps  
  g. Pensacola/West Florida event Ziffer/Herrle  
  h. Jacksonville event Cornelison 3
  2. Update on names for Sponsoship Levels Cornelison  
  3. Update on Specialty Item for Donors Stratton 4
V. Other Business
  A. Wrap Up – Summary of Meeting Accomplishments Herrle  
VI. Public Comment    
IX. Motion to Adjourn* Herrle  

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